Roof Inspection

Quickly Repairing After the Storm

Unfortunately strong winds and rain due to the onset of climate change and the good old British weather are now the norm. Older properties especially, and even modern builds are undoubtedly at risk of storm damage.

If your roof is damaged, develops a leak or becomes a safety risk, investigating the problem quickly is paramount.
We can provide your roofing or repair company with images that will give them a heads up as to the cause of the problem before they even attend; potentially saving time, money and further damage.

We also work closely with a commercial roofing company with over 20 years experience in the sector who can take our data, analyse it, and provide you with a detailed report, and either offer you a maintenance / repair solution, or provide a detailed and concise report for your preferred roofing contractor.

Keeping the Heat in and Saving Money

Our team are experienced with radiometric thermal imaging, and as a result we can also provide you with a thermal heat loss report detailing the state of your roof insulation. Providing you with a detailed radiometric orthomosaic map of your roof, you will be able to pinpoint the exact areas of concern on your roof.
We can provide you real time data on-site, or offer detailed post flight reports for you to pass on to your own roofing contractor.

In residential areas or sensitive commercial areas, privacy is important too, so all images are edited on the fly before they are released to you the customer to ensure that the privacy of neighbouring properties is not compromised.

Real-time Radiometric Drone View of Large Residential Property

Be it a large scale commercial complex or a small residential property, we have the solution to your roofing repair issues, management and maintenance issues, and at a competitive price.

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