Our Equipment

Coming from an airline background, system redundancy is a fundamental requirement for us to offer our customers. This is why we have invested heavily in our drone and camera technology, and where possible, duplication of critical equipment. Some service providers rely on single pieces of equipment to satisfy their client requirements, which can on occasion result in frustration and costly delays due to failure of components with no backup solution. With our extensive investment, we will ensure that we deliver on time, every time..

Aerial Platforms for every environment.

Matrice M210-V2

The Matrice M210 series is the ultimate aerial productivity tool – Learn more…

Matrice M210-V1

An earier version of the M210 series of drones. An extremely versatile and capable aerial platform. Learn More…

2 x Mavic 2 Enterprise

The Mavic 2 Enterprise is a revolutionary platform for everyday aerial work. It is the smallest and most powerful foldable commercial drone, with a refined imaging system including a 2x optical zoom camera. learn more about the Mavic 2 Enterprise here.



The DJI FPV drone allows us to produce dramatic cinematic wide angle “First Person View” footage in 4K, with up to 60 frames per second. Operating the FPV with super low latency goggles and the new motion controller, we can provide you with aerial shots that simply aren’t possible with standard screens and controllers.

2 x Mavic Mini

Small and quiet, but very capable. The Mavic Mini is suitable for when discretion may be required for instance, shooting an outdoor wedding scene, or for scoping out a project before using the larger equipment.. With 2.7K video resolution and a 12MP stills camera, plus a lot of technology onboard, the Mavic Mini is a great aerial tool.

Phantom 4

An older platform but still a powerful aerial solution. The Phantom 4 boasts 4K UHD video resolution and a 12MP stills camera.
The phantom 4 is still an excellent tool for photogrammetry, aerial survey and aerial photography / vidoegraphy.

Aerial cameras for every requirement.

2 x Zenmuse Z30

The Zenmuse Z30 is one of the most powerful integrated aerial zoom cameras on the market, with 30x optical and 6x digital zoom for a total magnification up to 180x. Whether you are inspecting cell towers or wind turbines, it enables you to get a detailed look at structures, wires, modules and components to detect damage.

As a result of letting you conduct inspections from a distance without the need to fly close, not only is speed and efficiency of your operations increased but risk of collision is obviated.

2 x Zenmuse XT

Thermal imaging from the air has never been as easy as it is with the DJI Zenmuse XT. By combining DJI’s unrivaled expertise in gimbal technology and image transmission with the industry leading thermal imaging technology of FLIR, the Zenmuse XT is the ultimate solution for rapid and reliable aerial thermal imaging. Capture faster, with pinpoint precision, over large areas, then save them for analysis and reporting.

Zenmuse X5S

The Zenmuse X5s is a an excellent camera for aerial photography and cinematography.
With crystal clear 20.8MP still photos, 5.2K video at 30FPS and 4K video at 60FPS,
The camera is capable of up to 12.8 stops of dynamic range, so you can shoot in just about any type of light. You can freeze action with shutter speeds down to 1/8000th of a second, or capture an astonishing 20 frames per second in burst mode.

Control and Safety

3 x Cendence Controller

The Cendence remote controller is a professional-grade, remote controller. It provides up to five analog control channels with over ten customizable buttons, improving overall control efficiency.

When precision camera control is required, Cendence can connect either as a Master or Slave controllerwith the Matrice remote controller or another Cendence remote controller.
SDI and HDMI ports support live broadcasting at 1080i 50 fps.
Cendence’s redesigned patch antenna significantly increases gain, ensuring high-quality video transmission at up to 10 Mbps within 4 km. Increased gain also extends the max transmission distance from 7 km to 10 km, ensuring a more stable signal transmission, smoother control, and overall enhanced safety.

3 x Crystal Sky Display

Created for outdoor aerial imaging, the CrystalSky monitor features an ultra-bright screen that is clearly visible in sunlight. It is designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with the DJI Pilot, giving camera operators total control.

A maximum 2000 cd/m² of brightness means the CrystalSky monitor is more than four times as bright as typical mobile devices. On-screen details are clear and sharp, and colors are vibrant, giving the quality needed to fine tune image composition.

Equipped with dual Micro SD Card slots, the CrystalSky monitor’s storage can be extended, or footage recorded on a Micro SD Card can be played back directly on the monitor. It can also be used for footage backups. Using editors built in tools, high-quality edits can be made quickly and instantly shared to the customer.

2 x Smart Controller

The DJI Smart Controller has a built-in 5.5-inch 1080p screen, providing an ultra-bright display to keep live feed easily viewable, even in direct sunlight. The display is approximately twice as bright as conventional smart device screens.

Equipped with OcuSync 2.0 Full-HD video transmission technology, the Smart Controller supports automatic switching between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz, reducing the influence of environmental interference on drone operation and image quality. This also ensures reliable long-range transmission at distances of up to 10 km.
Equipped with an HD out port, the smart controller supports full HD live broadcasting.

ParaZero Drone Safety System

ParaZero offers a smart and effective solution to address the industry’s safety challenges by designing the best-in-class autonomous drone safety system to keep bystanders on ground below safe and protect the drone and payload from crashing.

The SafeAir M-200 drone safety system is an end to end solution that is designed for DJI’s Matrice 200 series.

SafeAir uses independent sensors to continuously monitor the drone’s flight data for anomalies. When critical failures are detected a series of autonomous safety measures are triggered: –

Patented parachute deployment mechanism opens to full canopy in a fraction of a second.

Audio buzzer is activated to warn bystanders to move out of harm’s way.

The drone is brought safely to the ground with minimal impact energy.