Harrop Farm – Baby Steps

Well after many conversations discussing the possibility of moving away from Commercial Aviation, mid last year we finally found ourselves with a viable and exciting new business venture taking shape having secured significant financial investment, but unlike some new businesses, the nature of ours meant we needed to build our experience, skills, industry knowledge and a product we could confidently deliver before actively targeting potential customers.

Fast forward to a conversation with a colleague Steve Woods from eVolve Web Consultants who required some aerial footage and photographs for a new client. Having obtained our PfCO’s some time back, this was a great opportunity for us to test our equipment and skills in a real customer environment but in an informal way.

The client, Harrop Group, had recently renovated an old farm house and associated barns into a stunning retreat offering two luxury cottages, equestrian facilities and a modern business conference area. Located in the Peak District with a back drop to die for, they wanted to showcase their development and sheer beauty of the location and surrounding area.

This was an exciting early project for us, which required extensive aerial footage and meticulous planning. Everything from the wind and weather due to undulating and challenging terrain to operating in a live environment with horses and livestock had to be considered. Having worked as airline pilots for the last ten years, we have spent almost every day looking at weather forecasts, performing risk analysis, and considering any potential issues that are likely to “spoil a good day out flying”, so it was second nature and instinctive for us to take this approach into our new business venture.

Part of the day was also spent demonstrating our equipment to the owners, in particular their son who was an avid drone fan and very aware of this sector and we hope he enjoyed it as much as we did.

We had to film shots over a large area so above we can see Frank getting a lift in style (in the back of a pickup) to one of the on site filming locations with the Matrice M210-V2 and X5s Camera..

If you have a requirement for aerial photographs or videos, be it for commercial or private use, we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements. Take a look at our equipment and services pages to see what we can offer or contact us for more information.

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