Golf Course Photogrammetry

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, during periods of lockdown Golf courses have been forced to close to players and members, but this has given ground staff the opportunity to undertake work on a scale they wouldn’t normally be able to do. V1AS joint business owner Dave and shareholder Damon are keen golfers and members of an excellent North West based golf club. Ensuring that Covid precautions and social distancing measures were strictly adhered to, we were able to use the down time to take our drones on to the course and obtain large scale models to provide invaluable test data and further develop our photogrammetry solution.

Harrop Farm – Baby Steps

Well after many conversations discussing the possibility of moving away from Commercial Aviation, mid last year we finally found ourselves with a viable and exciting new business venture taking shape having secured significant financial investment, but unlike some new businesses, the nature of ours meant we needed to build our experience, skills, industry knowledge and a product we could confidently deliver before actively targeting potential customers.