Asset Inspection

Inspect Safely and Efficiently With Drones

In recent years Drones have dramatically reduced the cost and time associated with company asset inspections. Using proven DJI camera technology capable of 30x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom, providing a combined 180x zoom, and installed on one of our Matrice M210-V2 aerial platforms, we can provide you with aerial inspection imaging in extremely high detail whilst increasing safety by keeping the equipment at a safe distance from the asset. This means that assets such as Wind Farms can keep operating, significantly reducing inspection costs. Moving components can be photographed using high speed burst to ensure the correct shot is quickly and easily taken.

As well as providing high resolution images and tailored reports detailing visual structural integrity , coupled with thermal imaging tools such as our Zenmuse XT cameras, our drones can deliver radiometric thermal images and videos allowing hotspots in equipment to be detected which can provide you with data for predictive failure analysis. (see our thermal imaging section).

By using the Parazero drone safety system we can further enhance safety, but also operate the drone in areas that would be deemed too much of a risk for other aerial platforms.

Remote Confined Space Inspections

Working with our technology partner, we can provide remote confined space inspections utilising the Flyability Elios 2 Drone. A collision tolerant drone with a 4K RGB camera plus thermal imaging and integrated lighting, the Elios 2 can be used for inspections in locations where no other drone can, and in areas that could be hazardous to human health.

Live streamed images can be sent directly to the client, either onsite or remotely, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Flyability Elios 2
Flyability Elios 2

Inspect Safely

In this image, the Matrice M210 is at a safe distance from the Electricity Pylon but the Z30 camera allows close up inspection of components.